Whether you’re a home owner or manage a business, we understand the frustrations that heating and plumbing issues can cause. It’s a real nuisance. If you live and work around Bury St Edmunds and are on the hunt for a plumber in Bury St Edmunds – there are number of reasons to have a local plumber on speed dial.

  • Convenience
    This is key when it comes to emergency boiler breakdowns; you don’t want to be waiting 1hour+. Chris at Power Plumbing Heating is based in Bury St Edmunds, so naturally – he can get to his local customers quickly whilst communicating accurate estimated time of arrival for peace of mind.
  • Access to supplier network
    Depending on the nature of a plumbing and heating fix, there might be additional skills required to complete the job such as CCTV drainage, plastering, painting or carpentry. A decent, local plumber will have good relationships with many suppliers across the region. This means you too will have access to trusted and skilled tradesmen.
  • They care about the local community
    Chris lives in Bury St Edmunds with his family and during the pandemic he started volunteering with the Bury Water Meadows Group. The charity was setup to conserve, preserve and improve the Rivers Lark and Linnet in Bury St Edmunds and adjacent areas for the benefit the public. Power Plumbing is also a registered waste carrier (Environment Agency) which means we’re licensed to control commercial, industrial or household waste in a professional manner.
  • High quality service
    Customer service is the backbone to many local plumbers; good customer feedback is testament to the high quality work they carry out. Power Plumbing will strive to fix the job efficiently and effectively to minimise disruption to their customers.
  • Knowledge!
    There are so many types of boiler and boiler manufactures currently within the industry. There are also many different types of heating and hot water systems; vented, un-vented, sealed, direct, in-direct, fully pumped or gravity systems…it can be a minefield for customers. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years we have built up a huge amount of knowledge and are able to quickly identify problems and find a solution. So in the event of a breakdown or a loss of heating or hot water – we can remedy quickly.

With boiler breakdowns a huge emphasis is put on diagnosing the fault correctly and not guessing what the issue might be. Plumbing isn’t a guessing game! We aim to save time, boiler down-time and money for our customers.

Power Plumbing Support
We  have access to  the technical support teams from all of the major manufactures such as:

  • Baxi
  • Worcester Bosch
  • Ideal
  • Vaillant
  • Vokera
  • Main
  • Gloworm
  • There are over 123 boiler  manufactures currently listed with the Gas Council.  Manufactures are keen to help as any downtime of their boilers would not be a good reflection on their product.

Being able to explain in simple terms what has has gone wrong and what is required in order to fix the problem is crucial – the customer rightly needs to understand the breakdown of cost and repair needed. This in turn gives the customer reassurance that the fix will work and the correct parts and being used. Transparency is key!

We also find that being able to give good, honest advice and choice is important. Replacing your boiler and heating system can be costly, so being able to provide a choice of budget variant boilers and systems is important and stems from our expert knowledge.